Subject : Context of crisis and referendum refusal: A threat for the viability of the Euro zone?

Student´s name: STOLZ Manon

Title of the paper: “Euro zone: The overhaul or the chaos?”

Author or topic: Euro zone: An inter state threat


All in all, my Introduction puts in light an Euro zone surrounded by crisis. Greece is currently facing huge instability as well as Spain, Italy, Portugal or Ireland for instance. My main part will advance Euro zone crisis and persistent Greek debt. A reminder of referendum’s objectives, an analysis of causes of its refusal and as a consequence, a validation of the European plan of debt clearing will clarify the origins of European economical and financial vulnerability. Furthermore, after having carried out a more national study, My second part will highlight repercussions and world consequences as well as states questioning on their management politic such as relevant actions and challenges to lead. Finally, a psychological aspect will complete the paper in order to approach crisis under a moral and critical angle of reflection. My Conclusion will resume the current situation and glance through decisions and challenges linked to crisis.

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7,5, Noticeable.

Euro zone analysis was truly interesting to work on. Indeed, even I needed lots of time to gather relevant information, this paper helps me to clarify and understand better challenges and preoccupations of European leaders. Internet and books delivered information and various visions, enriching to read and compare. All in all, this review gave me an opportunity to deal with a current burning subject. To conclude, I truly reinforce my knowledge on this subject: it was one of my main aims by choosing crisis.